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Damage Insurance 



The Accidental Damage Protection covers you from accidental damages to the property and its contents within the unit for the duration of the rental period of our vacation rental beach house in Panama City Beach -- subject to the policy terms and conditions of rental. This policy covers up to $1500. So relax and enjoy your vacation!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is Accidental Rental Damage Insurance required?

A. Property Owners turn to Travel Guardâ„¢s Accidental Rental Damage Insurance (ARDI) to help them simplify and save by reducing the costs and administration associated with the sometimes problematic management of security deposits and damages exceeding deposits. 

Q. What is the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance Plan (ARDI)?

ARDI is an insurance plan that provides coverage for accidental damages to your vacation rental property during your stay, in place of a security deposit. 

Q. How do guests benefit from Accidental Rental Damage Insurance? 

A. With ARDI, you no longer have to worry about putting up a security deposit or how much will be returned when you get home. 
  • Return home with vacation memories, not repair costs. The cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled between the rental property and the insurance company.
  • Stay balanced. The ARDI plan can save you from tying up your credit card with a hefty authorization while you are on vacation.

Q. What does the ARDI plan cover?

A. ARDI covers unintentional damage to your vacation rental property during your stay, up to $1,500 (or $3,000, or $5,000, or $10,000). Renters commonly use ARDI to cover things like carpet spills, furniture tears, broken lamps and more.

  • Staying in a pet-friendly home? ARDI provides coverage for damage caused by pets!

 Q.  What is not covered by the ARDI plan?

A.  Intentional property damage. Pet damage in non-pet friendly vacation homes. See policy for details


Q. How much does a guest pay for an Accidental Rental Damage Insurance policy?

A. A flat rate of $45.00 provides coverage up to $1,500.00.